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Main Stretcher

Our stretchers have 2 pcs fixed and locked and 2 pcs swivel wheels. It has an arm support which is coated with a soft material. Stretcher Mattress is seamless one-piece, water-proof, stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, fire-resistant material and the inside is covered with high-density foam structure is furnished with an easy and flexible nondeformable. In case of emergency CPR (cardiopulmonary revitalization), it allows the implementation.

Teknik Veriler / Technical Specifications

Uzunluk / Lenght (Min-Max.) 155 cm 195 cm
Genişlik / Width (Min-Max.) 55 cm 60 cm
Yükseklik açık-kapalı / Height (Min-Max.) 80 - 230 cm 90 - 450 cm
Ağırlık / Weight (Min-Max.) 30 kg 40 kg
Taşıma Kapasitesi / Carrying Capacity (Min-Max.) - 250 kg
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